Research interest

Data integration

Open Data, Big Data, we are open.

Data mining

Democratization of knowledge.

"Revolutionary is a data analysis made simple"
(Jose Zubcoff)

Web augmentation & personalisation

  • 100% personalised

    User centered
  • Preferences, profiles or experience ...

    Useful → Easy → Adapted

Analysis & visualization

Data Scientist — Jose Zubcoff



  • Open data at the University

    Open data platform and open API for querying open data. Open data portal of the University of Alicante. Data transparency.
  • Publi@city

    Plataforma para integrar datos de accesibilidad en movilidad y facilitar la consulta de datos de nodos y rutas accesibles.
  • Teleworkx

    Big Data integration. Big amount of data from diferent sources, sensors, etc.

No end to Web & Knowledge

  • Data Integration

    Integration of complex data on demand (NoSQL, Linked data, Open data, big data, etc.).
  • Data Science

    Data mining and advanced statistical analysis.
  • Web engineering

    Web Intelligence y Open Business Intelligence.

Web Knowledge

Research interest