Analysis & visualization

Data Scientist — Jose Zubcoff



  • Open data at the University

    Open data platform and open API for querying open data. Open data portal of the University of Alicante. Data transparency.
  • Publi@city

    Platform to integrate accessibility data in mobility and facilitate the search of data from accessible routes.
  • Teleworx

    Big Data integration. Big amount of data from diferent sources, sensors, etc.
  • UAumenta

    Mobile application that shows information related to the University of Alicante in Augmented Reality.


Octavio Glorio, PhD (Empresario)
Roberto Espinosa Oliva, PhD (Universidad Tecnológica de chile)
Sven Casteleyn, PhD (Universidad Jaume I)

Relationship with another groups or Universities

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Universidad de Cantabria
Universidad Jaume I
Universidad de Viena (Austria)
Universidad de la Plata (Argentina)
Universidad Tecnológica de Chile
Universidad de Mendoza (Argentina)
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Argentina)
Universidad de Matanzas (Cuba)


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